Nowadays, increasing numbers of people wants to gain muscle within short time. Most of the people who can’t gain muscle weight because of their wrong food selection and exercising the wrong way. Here we will discuss about five important tips that will help you to increase your muscle.

Proper Diet

Proper diet is very important to build muscle. If you do not concern about nutrition then time and effort they spend on workout is wasted. For wrong food selection you can gain extra fat instead of muscle . Your Diet should contain high protein and low fat.

Such as : Lean Beef, Skinless Chicken, Eggs, Tuna and Other Fish, Fruits and Vegetables, Whey Protein etc.

Proper Rest

If you do not get enough rest between workout  then you will not strengthen and grow. During heavy workout it damage muscle fiber which recover when you take rest. Some research suggest minimum of 48 hours of rest to allow recovery and prevent injury.

Pre Workout Preparation

Many people don’t like to eat before working out but you should start your workout you should take some protein which will increase the performance and strength, energy, stamina . There are some foods that can enhance your performance such as : vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Weight Lifting

Proper weight lifting can help you lose fat, increase your strength, muscle and bond density. Wrong exercise can lead to internal and external body damage.  You should focus on your technique of weight lifting . For proper weight lifting you can take help from your instructor. If you want to gain muscle within short time then you have to take right amount of weight with proper technique.

Sets and Reps

Each reps and sets range affects muscles differently.  “Set your training up so that you condition your muscles with higher rep ranges of 15-20 reps.

Supplements and Muscle Gain How can supplements help with gaining muscle? A great way to add muscle quickly is to use the correct supplements for gaining muscle.  Make sure the supplements your using are of high quality and 3rd party tested for safety.


Kelli Jones

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